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People who want to study criminal law in the UK, can start the process by studying for an LLB degree. The LLB stands for Bachelor of Law and getting this qualification makes you a lawyer. In the justice system of the United Kingdom, being a lawyer is not the same thing as being a Barrister-at-Law. A lawyer is the individual who has bagged the LLB degree but has not been called to the Bar. To become a Barrister-at-law, the right step is to attend law school for a year or two after this stage you may choose to become a criminal law prosecutor. After this period of training, the lawyer gets the Barrister-at-Law (BL) qualification and is called to the Bar. This means that apart from just being a lawyer, the person in question is also a barrister and an advocate. It is vital for lawyers to have the right qualifications so that they can serve in ppi claims companies effectively. 

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Specializing in criminal law in the UK

A lawyer in the UK who has both the LLB and the BL qualifications cannot be considered a specialist in criminal law. People who want to become specialists in this branch of law should study criminal law at post-graduate level. This programme takes 12-18 months and it involves research and taught courses. In some universities, this course is called the Master's in Criminal Law and criminology. In other institutions, it is called the Master's in Criminal Law and Jurisprudence. The important thing is that at the end of the programme, the lawyer comes out with a Master's degree in criminal law. At this point, the lawyer in question can be considered an expert in criminal law.

Becoming a specialist through experience

The post-graduate programme in criminal law is not the only way to become a criminal lawyer. In some cases, lawyers who work in large and reputable legal firms may become experts in criminal law if they serve in the criminal law department of the firm for a number of years. In this case, the lawyer in question will work under a senior lawyer in the firm who is an expert in criminal law. The idea is that the younger lawyer will learn the ropes by serving as an assistant to the senior lawyer.

Handling claims and related criminal matters

There is no point in having excellent qualifications if these qualifications cannot be put to very good use. An effective criminal lawyer is the one who can use his or her qualifications to get favourable judgement for clients in the court of law. To do this effectively, the lawyer and the client need to work very well together. The best way to get favourable judgement from the court is to follow due process. In this context, the legal expert should file papers at the right time to avoid any problems later. Again, the client should be honest to the lawyer. This is because legal experts work better when they have all the facts of the case. Finally, lawyers who want to get the best results for their clients should take all cases serious. This is how to achieve great results in both small and large cases.